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Yamaha Clavinova CLP-735 vs CLP-745: What’s The Difference?

Yamaha Clavinova CLP-735 vs CLP-745: What’s The Difference?

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The Yamaha CLP735 and CLP745 are the first two models in the latest series of Clavinova digital pianos. They’re both very similar, if not identical, visually, and on paper they look pretty evenly matched spec-wise. As you’d expect though, there are a few important differences between them that justify the price gap.

Both pianos include the big improvements Yamaha have made across the 700 series, such as resampled CFX and Bosendorfer concert grand piano sounds that utilise new sampling technology. The samples are also voiced specifically for the speaker system on each model resulting in a clearer and more defined sound. There have also been improvements made to VRM (Virtual Resonance Modelling – this recreates the physical noises made by an acoustic piano for a more authentic playing experience), a three band EQ has been added so you’ve got more control over your sound, and improvements to the key action. Whilst  the CLP735 and CLP745 do indeed share many of the same features and functions, we will now look at what sets them apart, and try and help you figure out which one would be the better fit for you.

Action (Feel)

Arguably the most important thing with an acoustic piano is the action. This is the physical feel of the keys and they way in which they are pressed down and return to their original position. It’s the point of contact between the player and instrument – a good key action will allow a pianist to play with more expression and emotion, and vice versa. Also, if someone is taking piano lessons, chances are, they’ll be taking them on an acoustic piano (some exams may even be sat on a grand piano), so an authentic key action is important for transitioning between lessons and practice at home.
Yamaha introduced the GrandTouch action along with the previous CLP600 series which proved to be an incredibly realistic key action. They’ve built on this with the 700 Series Clavinovas. Both the CLP735 and CLP745 feature GrandTouch-S, which is weighted, like an acoustic piano and has an authentic and responsive feel. However there is one important difference – the CLP745 has wooden white keys (they’re made from plastic on the 735). This means they feel a little more like they do on an acoustic piano, and the weight will be more accurate allowing for greater dynamics when playing, which in turn, allows for more expression when playing (handy for the later grades).

Speakers (Sound)

The speaker system on the CLP745 is more powerful than it is on the CLP735 meaning it can go louder, making it more ideal for larger spaces. It’s also got four speakers, instead of two so it distributes the sound better too. A better and more powerful speaker system also means you get slightly more clarity at lower volumes.

Bluetooth (Features)

Both pianos are fairly evenly matched in terms of features, though the CLP745 does have the edge has it has on-board Bluetooth (Audio and MIDI). By pairing your phone or tablet with your piano, you can use the CLP745 to listen to music through; combine this with the amazing speaker setup it’s got, and it doubles as an amazing home sound system! Bluetooth functionality also proves useful for beginners; you can download the free Smart Pianist app to access loads of learning facilities. Or, pop your tablet’s audio through the 745’s speakers, get YouTube up and play along to any of the thousands of piano-based videos on there.  


There are three important differences between the Yamaha CLP735 and CLP745. The latter has a bigger and more powerful speaker system that allows for louder sound reproduction. Its white keys are also made from wood, as opposed to plastic which slightly improves the feel of the piano. The 745 also features Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to wirelessly transmit both audio and MIDI making it the better choice if you’re wanting use to use tablets and apps etc for learning. It also makes for an impressive sound system for playing music through! Both pianos however make for great choices for both beginners and intermediate players alike, whether you’re going through the grades, or just playing for fun.