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Repairs and Services


Standard Guitar repairs and services are listed below, we offer each individually on a case-by-case basis.


If your strings are rusty or sounding dull, it’s time for a re-string. Change more often the more you play.

Pick from our range of strings or bring your own. We re-string and tune.

Action Adjustment

If you’re finding your guitar hard to play or it’s buzzing your action needs changing

Intonation Adjustment

If your guitar sounds out of tune up the neck it will need adjusting.

Electronics Work

Buzzing, crackling, no sound, or just not fully functioning we can change/fix these parts for you.


We can oil the fret board, polish the metal frets, clean the body and neck. As well as buffing dirt build up.

Full set up

This includes all the above.

Nut, Saddle and Scratch Plate Replacement

This includes all the above.


Services to your Taylor guitar

Buzzing on Guitar repair

Altering the Action


Wood Replacement

Machine Head Replacement

Fret Replacement

Neck Replacement

Action Adjusting

Preamp Replacement

Nut Replacement

Pick Guard Replacement

Saddle Replacement

Truss Rod Cover Replacement

Bridge Pin Replacement

Foam cover and switches Replacement

Battery and all electronic parts being fixed

All Taylor Guitars Still Under the 12 Year warranty can be fixed by us, if you repair your Taylor with a non-certified repairer, it voids the warranty