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Part Exchange or Sell Your Musical Instruments

Looking to upgrade your gear? Whether it’s a guitar, bass, amp, piano, keyboard or something else musical, we could help!

Call us : 01254 265212 . Email us: sales@reidys.com

For Deals Being Made In-Store

Please call or email us first to check stock or details before heading to the shop and we'll be happy to see what we can do for you.

When you arrive, the condition and any details you submit about the goods will need to be confirmed by a member of our team. The transaction will then be processed and you can walk out with your new gear on the same day (or cash, if you’re selling instead of part-exchanging).

What to do next

Pop in store or get in touch on 01254 265212 , by email on sales@reidys.com , or online chat.

Please bring with you:

All included accessories and any paperwork you may have

Photo ID

Payment details.


If you’re opting to ship your gear to us

If its not possible for you to come in store, please get in touch with us and we'll be happy to see if we can do the deal remotely.

We'll ask for photos and details of your gear first, and then go from there. The condition and any details you submit about your gear will need to be verified when it arrives with us.

Once this is done, we’ll confirm with you and get your new gear shipped out if you’re part-exchanging, or deposit the funds in your bank account if you’re selling your gear.

What to do next

Please get in touch on 01254 265212 , by email , or online chat.

Things to have ready:

Photos of the items,

Details on make , model, condition. etc.

Gear you want to part exchange for ,

What we don’t agree with your condition / description / details?

It’s important to be detailed and up-front about the condition of your gear. It very rarely happens, but if upon checking them, we believe the description you gave isn’t accurate, we’ll most likely revise the offer but could choose to cancel the offer entirely. If we cancel the offer and you have opted to ship your gear to us, you can either collect from the store or arrange to return to you. If you’d like a return by courier, you’ll need to pay the return shipping cost.